10 months

Dear J,

Happy first New Year’s to you, my darling boy! You didn’t get to sip any champagne, but you sure did love chewing on a rib bone! Can this be considered to be Baby Led Weaning, Emily?

You experienced your first snow this month. It did not go over well. At all.

Eh, sorry about that.

You also experienced your first real swing at the park.

Now that? Was a total hit. You loved it so much! And I loved seeing your gorgeous, happy smile.

You’re trying to walk and it’s not really happening for you yet. You pull up all over the place, on everything you can. It’s pretty cute how independent it makes you.

Even though you can’t yet walk, you sure as hell can climb steps. That’s a lot of fun for us…. No it isn’t.

But of all the things you love to do…

…boy, eating is your favorite!

I love you Big,



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