Homemade Stock–Delicious and a Money Saver!

The next time you go to throw out your meat bones or vegetable scraps, go ahead and slap yourself. Then throw them in a gallon freezer bag and save them!

When the bag is full, dump the contents of the bag into a slow cooker, fill it up with water, and cook it all night on low.

Or, bring it to a boil in a large stockpot, reduce heat, and simmer until it cooks down.

Then just strain it out the next day for some delicious (and free!) bone stock. Or veggie stock. Or some combination. Whatever you want.

This stock is great for soup bases or just everyday cooking. Try cooking your green beans in a pot of homemade bone stock–so good!

I measure mine out in 2 cup portions and freeze flat in quart freezer bags. I do recommend freezing them on a lipped cookie sheet, because sometimes the bags leak a little around the zipper (I’m looking at you, Hefty).



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