12 months

Dear J,

In preparation for the your first birthday party, during which time there will be much eating of cake and ice cream, we’ve starting giving you little sweets here and there. Probably not necessary, but I worried it might be a bad idea to shock your little system with pile of sugar all at one time. I’d hate to ruin your big day with a major tummy ache! And what better place to introduce you to your first real sugar, than Krispy Kreme?

You totally approved.

We celebrated your first St. Patrick’s Day this month. And by “celebrated,” I mean I bought you a cute shirt and fed you green food.

Of this, you did not approve.

You were born only a few days before Easter, so last year you had no clue what was going on. This year, you still really had no clue–but you enjoyed it anyway!

And the Peeps? Yes, you liked the Peeps.

In other important news, you waved “bye-bye” and stood unassisted for the first time this month. My baby boy, you’re not a baby anymore. You’ve officially entered the world of Toddlerhood, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I love you Big,



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