6 months

Dear J,

You’re 1/2 year old this month! The time has gone by so quickly. You reached for me for the first time this month on my birthday; what a wonderful birthday present!

You can sit up now, all by yourself. But you prefer to lay around and watch TV (yeah, we’re terrible parents and we allow you to watch TV).


You watched your first Falcon’s game. Rise Up (I did that just for your Daddy!)!

We Baptized you at The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany and threw a big party for you after.

You laugh so much and, since you cut your first tooth this month, it’s extra cute. You love it when we make silly faces and noises at you. You love to spend time outdoors, so we spend time hanging out, enjoying just being with you.

Good Lord, you’re cute.

You’re so much fun these days and I can’t get enough of you!

I love you Big,






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