8 months

Dear J,

You celebrated your first Halloween this year. Of course you were a little owl (and one day you’ll marry a Chi Omega lady). You were so darn cute!

You’re such a little cutie and you bring us so much joy! You’re so good natured and laid back, always with a smile on your sweet face. You seem to love music and your daddy hopes you learn to play the guitar one day.

You take a bath in the big-boy tub now and you love the water so much! Daddy usually gives you your bath after dinner and it’s your special bonding time.

You took your first plane ride this month. You and I flew to visit some friends in Charlotte, North Carolina, and you were such a great baby! You sat happily in my lap the whole way up (yeah, sorry–that was before I realized it was much safer to fly with you in your carseat). You loved staring out the window at the clouds.

On the way home, your cute smile earned us an upgrade to First Class.

That first class trip may have made you a little full of yourself. Look at that sinister look you’re giving me–and that fat cat belly–not to mention what you’re doing there with your finger. For shame, son.

Of all our fun times, my favorite times are the ones spent cuddling with you. You’re such a Mama’s Boy.

We started getting ready for Christmas at the end of November. It’s a little early, but I am so excited to celebrate your first Christmas!

I love you Big,






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