Baby-approved Smoothies

I sent this picture to my mom the other day and she commented that he was losing that baby look and starting to look like a little boy. Problem is, he’s 10 months old. He is a baby, and he’s underweight. I responded to her text with, “That’s called malnutrition.”

Of course, he’s not really malnourished. But at his last pediatrician appointment, he’d fallen off his growth curve. He’s just not a fan of eating. There are reasons for it and he’s seeing an OT to help him with his eating issues. But for now, all he wants to do is nurse, which is fine except that we don’t subscribe to “food before one is just for fun” in this house. Food before one provides extra vitamins and minerals that our babies need. Clearly, he’s healthy. But the boy needs some fat on his bones and a better variety of foods.

I discovered the other day that, while he’s not a fan of a bottle, he can manage a straw quite well. The first time I handed him a straw cup, he picked it up, sucked down the water that was in it, looked at me, and dropped it to the floor like, “mic drop, woman.”

And that’s when it occurred to me that smoothies might be a great way to sneak some extra vitamin-packed calories into his little tummy! So what I needed was some smoothie ideas and a freezer full of pre-prepped smoothie bags.

After an afternoon of Pinterest’ing (can we just make that a verb already?), I came up with 6 baby-approved recipes. I prepped my freezer bags so that I can just pull out a bag, thaw it, and blend it with milk and yogurt.

They don’t take up much room in the freezer since you can just smush them flat and stack them.

And both babies loved them!

Here are the recipes I came up with:
Peachy Carrot Smoothies

1 sliced banana, 1 cup sliced peaches (I use frozen), 1 cup fresh spinach, 1 cup of steamed baby carrots, and 1 tsp chia seeds.
Spinach Banana Smoothies
1 sliced banana, 1 cup fresh spinach, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, and 1 tsp chia seeds.
Carrot Avocado Smoothies
1 sliced banana, 1 cup steamed baby carrots, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/2 avocado, 1/4 tsp coconut extract (or vanilla if that’s all you have), and 1 tsp chia seeds.

I’m guessing you might see a theme here with the chia seeds? I like to add these to as many of their foods as possible. They’re full of protein, calcium, fiber, antioxidants, and healthy carbs.

Spinach Berry Smoothies
1 cup fresh spinach, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/2 avocado, and 1 tsp chia seeds
Apple Spinach Smoothies
1 chopped apple (leave the skin on!), 1 sliced banana, 1 cup spinach, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter, and 1 tsp chia seeds
Tropical Squash Smoothies
2 small squash (sliced), 1 cup pineapple chunks, 1 sliced banana, 1/4 tsp coconut extract, and 1 tsp chia seeds
When you’re ready to make a smoothie, just thaw it and blend it with milk. I use coconut or almond milk, depending on the flavor. Whole milk is fine too! I also add a couple tablespoons of full fat yogurt for a little extra creamy texture and calories.
It’s really a great snack for mom too if you’re trying to add in a few extra veggies like I am!
I skipped the full fat yogurt in mine because Lord knows I don’t need any extra calories, but it’s still very good!

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