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How Do I Save Money with Subscribe & Save?

Learn how to use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature each month to best take advantage of their coupons and sales! It’s easy!

Join Amazon Prime.

There’s a lot more to Prime membership than just FREE 2-day shipping. You’ll also get Amazon Family membership (20% off diapers), unlimited photo storage, audible channels, music and video streaming, early access to Lightning Deals, free Kindle books, just to name a few. If you’re an online shopper, the membership is well worth it!

Familiarize yourself with the Subscribe & Save feature.

The more you have in your monthly S&S, the more you save–up to 15%! However, diapers on S&S are automatically 20% off, no matter how many other items you have on S&S!

You can buy all kinds of things using Subscribe & Save: groceries, medications, beauty products, paper supplies, and other household goods. And on top of the 15% discount you get for using this feature, you can also stack other discounts with the items!

Combine your S&S savings with current coupons or sales.

This is how you save big! When they offer a coupon on a product you’d purchase anyway, just select the coupon and add it to a S&S. For instance, here I doubled up on these snack bars. I selected the 25% off coupon, but then I also added it to my monthly Subscribe & Save to get an additional 15% off (you have to have 5 or more items in your S&S to get the maximum 15% off, but it’s pretty easy to find that many deals each month).

As you can see, I saved $4.32 with the coupon and then an additional $2.59 with S&S.

Subscribing from a Desktop

It’s important to note that you have to check the little box that says “Subscribe & Save,” if you’re ordering from a web browser.

You also have the option of making an immediate S&S purchase if you prefer. If you do that, you don’t have to wait for your next scheduled delivery. Instead, you’ll receive your product in 2 days if you’re a Prime Member, and then it will also be added to your next scheduled shipment. Also, you can take advantage of add-on deals that aren’t covered under S&S. All of this is great if you don’t want to wait for your product or if you’re trying to get some great deals on add-ons. However, unless you’re making at least 5 S&S orders in ONE purchase, you’re not going to get your 15% off discount until your next scheduled S&S. To maximize your savings and really take advantage of stacking coupons with S&S deals, make sure to select the underlined blue link on the listing that says “Skip immediate delivery and just add subscription.”

This option will add the product to your regularly scheduled S&S, giving you your max discount of 15% PLUS any coupons that you may have for the product.

So where can I find all these deals??

I list many of them in my Fabulous Deals Facebook Group and on my Fabulous Deals Facebook Page. But you can also find your own! Amazon has a great page where they list all the different current coupons they have. This is the main coupon page. But in addition, you can also find item-specific deals:

Subscribe & Save Deals

Toys & Baby

Prime Pantry

Health & Personal Care



Pet Supplies

Office & School Supplies

Home & Kitchen



Lawn & Tools

Expiration Doesn’t Matter!

One of my favorite things about stacking coupons with Subscribe & Save is that the expiration on the coupon doesn’t matter! The price you’re given in your order summary at the time you place the order sticks (unless you drop below 5 items). So you can bump the item back a month or more if you don’t need it right away. It’s like being able to hoard stock up on items without them actually taking up space in your home! If bumping the item back does cause you to lose your discount, you can quickly straighten it out with an email to Amazon. I always keep a screen shot of my S&S deals when I subscribe so I can check my charges later if necessary.

Delete Your Subscribe & Save after your first shipment.

You can only use the coupon on the first S&S shipment, so it’s best to cancel unless it’s an item you want to keep getting. You’re still getting the monthly savings for just using S&S, so sometimes it’s worth it to keep a subscription going.

How do I delete my Subscribe & Save?

I have my S&S arrival date set to the 1st of each month. So throughout the month, I collect what I want, or what I think I might want, for my next S&S. I like to try to have at least 5 items set to S&S each month if there are items with coupons I normally purchase anyway. On the 15th of each month, I go through my selections and decide what I want to keep and what I want to delete. It’s really fast and easy to delete your S&S.

Deleting S&S in the Amazon App

Go to “Your Account.”

Then go to “Your Subscribe & Save.”
Select the item you no longer wish to purchase and scroll all the way down to the bottom where it says “Cancel subscription.”
Select “Confirm cancellation” (no need to select a reason).

On the next screen, scroll all the way to the bottom again and select “Delete subscription.” You’ll just confirm that on the next screen.

Delete S&S in Your Web Browser

Go to “Your Subscribe and Save Items” under the “Accounts & Lists” menu.

Roll your mouse over the item you want to delete. Select “edit” when the menu pops up.

Select “cancel subscription.”

Confirm cancellation.

On the next screen you’ll see that your subscription has been cancelled.

Roll your mouse over the cancelled item and select “edit.”

Delete subscription.

And confirm.

That’s it! You’re done. Now all you have to do is look for more deals! Check out the most current Amazon S&S deals here!








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