Feed your family on the cheap!

I just found a way to buy 8 entrees, 2 salads, 2 soups, and 8 bread sticks from Olive Garden for $43.69. Since they’re so over-sized, I can feed my family with 2 of the entrees. I’ll be freezing 6 entrees, making a total of 4 dinners for my family of 5. In fairness, two members of my family are pretty small and don’t eat much, but at $10.93 per dinner that I don’t have to prepare myself, I’m happy!

If you have an Olive Garden near you, you can take advantage of the same deal anytime through April 30. Here’s how you do it!

The first thing you need to do is buy a gift card over at Raise.com. You should be able to find a $50 Olive Garden card for $46-48. If you’re a new customer, use the code NEWRAISE50 to get an additional $10 off your purchase and you’ll end up paying around $36-38 for a $50 gift card.

Now head over to Olive Garden, choose your location and time for pick-up, and select an entree from the “Buy One, Take One” menu. Two bread sticks and your choice of soup or salad come free with this entree, and you’ll also be able to choose one extra entree for free. So that’s 2 entrees, 2 bread sticks, and soup or salad for $12.99 +tax. You can stop there if you want, but I wanted to get more bang for my buck and I’m happy to freeze meals ahead of time.

If you want to stack an extra coupon, you’ll need to spend at least $30, so you’ll have to repeat the process. At this point, you can add a kid’s meal or an appetizer to your order to boost it over the $30 point. Or, you can just add meats to your entrees (that’s what I did). At checkout, use the code 5OFF30 to get an additional $5 off your already super cheap order!

My first 4 entrees, soup, salad, and 4 bread sticks were exactly $30 with taxes. That means I still have $20 on my $50 gift card that I purchased for $33.69. Next week I’ll order from Olive Garden again, using the rest of my gift card plus $10 cash, providing my family with a fresh dinner, and another to freeze for later use.

So there you have it: 4 meals for a family of 5 for a total of $43.69!


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