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Happy Halloween!

Know what’s scary? The noise you make as you move around the house with your hands-free breast pump.

weyooah weyooah WEYOOAH WEYOOAH weyooah weyooah

When I was still having to pump and bottle-feed J, Bo would typically take the middle of the night feedings while I pumped to replace what was in his bottle.

I bought a hands-free pumping bra early on because it seemed like such a waste of time to just sit there pumping one boob at a time. With the hands-free bra, I was able to pump both at the same time—AND clean out the dishwasher, fold laundry, cook dinner, sip a glass of wine, apply makeup, you name it.

So often times while Bo was quietly rocking our son while feeding him a bottle in his nursery, I would be trying to get as many household chores as possible completed before I was finished pumping. The more I finished at 2am, the less I had to worry about later in the day. So I would be racing up and down the hall between chores: weyooah weyooah WEYOOAH WEYOOAH weyooah weyooah

One early morning as I hurried down the hall I heard Bo whisper to J, “Shhhh here comes the Terminator.”

I halted to a stop and paused just outside the door to the nursery thinking, “What the hell kind of bedtime story is he telling my 2-month-old?”

And I heard him say again, “Uh-oh! The Terminator has arrived!”

Me. I was the Terminator. I looked down at myself, standing there in boxers and a pumping bra, feeling very much like a dairy farm–and apparently sounding very much like The Terminator: WEYOOAH WEYOOAH WEYOOAH

Bo later explained that when I was in the kitchen he could hear the pump only slightly: weyooah weyooah weyooah

But as I walked down the hall toward the nursery he could hear me gradually approaching weyooah weyooah weyooah weyooah weyooah weyooah WEYOOAH WEYOOAH WEYOOAH

And as I passed the nursery, heading to the laundry room: WEYOOAH WEYOOAH WEYOOAH weyooah weyooah weyooah weyooah weyooah weyooah

So his man brain dubbed me The Terminator.


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One comment on “Happy Halloween!

  1. LOL! I haven’t ever had a double breastpump, but I bet that is quite a sight (and sound!) 😉

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