Lesson 10: Prepare the nursery!

We waited until after finding out the gender of our baby before we started decorating the nursery. But, we already knew how we were going to decorate for either gender well in advance. So we were ready to go! That’s one thing I look forward to the next time–not knowing the gender in advance will force me to be a lot more creative.

My husband spent a full day painting the nursery and hanging a ceiling fan. We moved the furniture in and set it up. Finally, I got to organize all the tiny clothes and diaper supplies in the closet and drawers. A lot of people told me to hold off on cutting the tags off and washing clothes (in case he wasn’t the right size at the right time), but I wanted everything set up. I don’t regret that decision at all.

I admit to having J’s nursery finished in November–I was due the following April and gave birth in March. So yeah, I was perhaps a little overzealous. But I loved having it set up so early because it gave me something tangible to look at and touch when I got impatient for his arrival. Plus, I’m an organization freak, so I got to organize and re-organize all his tiny little possessions several times.

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