Lesson 12: Take a class. Or two.

Bo and I spent about 8 hours on a Saturday learning how to be parents. Who knew that’s all it would take? 8 hours and you’re a pro!

Here’s Bo after he learned how to swaddle.

But in all seriousness, if your hospital offers parenting or birthing classes, go for it. At the least, you’ll meet other expectant parents in your area. And you might learn a thing or two while you’re at it!

We also both attended a breastfeeding class, and I can’t say I took much away from that one (wake my baby every 2 hours to feed? No thanks. He’ll let me know when he’s hungry–and he did.). I can’t say I used much of their advice other than the “football hold,” which was great for learning to hold a breastfeeding infant in the beginning. Mostly? I just wanted to learn how to use my damn pump that looked like it came from another planet. I’ve had boobs practically my whole life, but the pump was totally foreign to me. They barely touched on pumping but, fortunately, it was a rather quick learning curve–even if it was intimidating at first.

In all, we learned the most from doing and from the advice of helpful family and friends. Once you have a newborn, you just do what you have to do to survive. Maybe you’ll follow the advice of others; maybe you’ll borrow that advice and recreate it to make it your own; maybe you’ll completely ignore the advice and carve your own path. Whatever, you’ll get through it. You don’t really have a choice, ya know?

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  2. I merely found your blog site with google. This site is fantastic! The advice and pictures are motivating and inspiring. Many thanks for sharing your know-how

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