Lesson 14: Prepare food and freeze it before baby arrives

Something that helped me tremendously during the immediate weeks after my baby was born was having 2 freezers full of pre-prepared meals. I made a list of what I wanted to prepare in December, started purchasing the dry and frozen groceries I would need in January (this allowed me to spread out the extra food budget over 3 months, rather than taking a big hit to our bank account in just one month), and I started cooking in February (and continued cooking through March, using weekends here and there so I never felt overwhelmed).

I not only chose recipes that would be effortless to store and thaw, but I also chose recipes that I could easily double at one time. Even now, whenever I make a recipe that is easily doubled, I go ahead and double it and freeze one. Hard day at work? No problem–there’s always a lasagna waiting in the freezer.

I also recommend doing this for any of your friends who are pregnant. After a long day of changing poopy diapers, cleaning vomit, and bouncing a screaming newborn, they will love you all over again when they open their freezer and see a healthy meal waiting for them to just thaw, warm, and serve. Frozen Food Baby Showers have actually become a thing.

I’ll post some of my favorite (read: quick and easy) recipes in the days to come.

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