Lesson 27: The hunger you experience in the days after birth will be like no hunger you’ve ever experienced.

Seriously. I had no idea. No idea. I don’t know what causes this hunger, but I can only assume it’s milk production. I remember shopping at Buy Buy Baby with my husband and J when he was about a week old (so, right as my body was kicking into high gear to make milk instead of colostrum). I was fine one minute, and the next I was gripped with a hunger unlike any I had ever known. And when I’m hungry, I am a bitch. More so than usual.

I growled at Bo, “Feed me, NOW!” and when he pointed out to me that we had a full shopping cart, so it would be a few minutes before he could get me to a fast food restaurant, I looked at him and said (and meant) these words: “I. Will. Eat. You.”

I grabbed the nearest pack of baby fruit snacks off the shelf and devoured them. I was still hungry, but at least my husband was able to get me out of there and to Wendy’s for a hamburger with all of his limbs intact.

Apparently, this isn’t uncommon. See here and here. Yet nobody bothered to warn me about it… thanks, girlfriends.

My advice to you: Keep lots of water and granola bars in your baby’s diaper bag. You know, so you don’t eat your husband.

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  1. That’s so interesting! I did not have that hunger that you’re talking about, but then a lot of things were “off” about my early postpartum experience. I found out 6 weeks postpartum that my thyroid was way off (I’ve had issues with it for years), and this most likely led to my atrocious milk production and severe insomnia (not sleeplessness–outright insomnia for 2 weeks). I had to choke down food to try to increase my milk production, but I didn’t start truly recovering until I gave up breastfeeding. 48 hours after I gave up breastfeeding, I dropped 11 pounds of fluid and a lost another 9 pounds in the next 2 weeks. It was a hard decision, but I was so out of my mind after 6 hours of sleep in 2 weeks that I didn’t care how my baby was being fed, as long as I was not involved! Three months later, both of us are doing great. And I’m so thankful we found a solution to make both of us happy.

    • That’s a lot to deal with! I’m really glad you found a solution that makes both of you happy. A mom should never have to sacrifice her health (or sanity!!) to breastfeed.

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