Lesson 32: Take a picture every month

One thing I’m so glad I did was to take a picture every month for J’s first 12 months. I used the same blanket in every picture, but the next time around I’ll use the same chair or stuffed animal so it’s easier to see Baby’s growth.

Dear J,

I love spending time with you, just holding you and staring at you–thinking how perfect and cute you are.

You celebrated your first Easter soon after you were born. The Easter Bunny came to visit you, even though you were way too young eat any Peeps this year.

You spend a lot of your time sleeping–and you look so cute doing it!

You’re so much more alert these days and you interact with people by making eye contact and “coo-ing.” You definitely recognize your mommy and daddy’s voices! You very rarely cry–only when you’re hungry or while we’re changing your diaper. This month you learned to lift your head while laying on your tummy.

I love you Big,






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