Lesson 54: All sippy cups are not created equally

Your baby is 6 months old! Time to go buy some sippy cups! So you head on out to Target or Buy Buy Baby or wherever it is that has recently stolen the bulk of your budget. You walk to the sippy cup aisle, grab a cup and go on home.

Right? Wrong.

Instead,  you stand in the middle of the aisle and look at the dozens of types of cups offered. Scratching your head, you wonder, How friggin complicated can it really be to just buy a damn cup for my kid?

Well, it’s not complicated. But it sure is confusing when you’re faced with that many choices.

It might take some effort before you find the sippy cup that works best for your baby. As for us, we skipped the cups that have nipples and went straight to the ones with the regular spouts. We did start with cups with handles and I think that helped a lot. We love the Munchkin Click Lock cups–they don’t leak and they’re easy to clean.

We also use the Munchkin 360’s. Again, these cups will absolutely not leak!


When J was about 10 months old, we realized that he really liked to drink out of a straw. I bought him an Avent toddler cup and we really like it. It doesn’t leak and it’s easy for him to open the top himself to make the straw pop up.

The other winner we found is a Playtex insulated sippy cup. I stumbled across this cup when I was out of town and realized I had forgotten all of his sippy cups at home (because I am truly Mom of the Year and I frequently forget to water my child). It’s insulated, so it keeps his milk cold for quite some time. It also doesn’t leak. It’s important to note that Playtex makes several different kinds of cups, and there are some that look very similar to this one. This one is heavier and more expensive–and it’s completely worth the money. I can never find the right one online, but I’ve had a lot of luck at drug stores.

We always use the Playtex cups for milk and the Avent cups for water. We keep them both on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. That way, if J is thirsty, we can just open the door and he can grab whichever one he wants, since he knows which cup contains which liquid.

What are your favorite sippy cups?

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  1. We went through the same things with sippy cups. What a disaster! I must have every brand of sippy cup in existence. We are huge fans of the Tommee Tippee but it did take some getting used to. We have had the same problem though with Noah chucking it and the inside part coming off. May be time for us to try other options.

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