Lesson 56: Be creative with your purees

I bought a book on making baby food in the beginning, but then quickly realized that it wasn’t necessary because there are a lot of websites that answer questions and offer free recipes and ideas. Some of these sites are Nurturebaby, Homemade Baby Food Recipes, Weelicious, and Wholesome Baby Food.

Wholesome Baby Food offers a handy little chart that tells you when many foods are recommended. I stuck to it like crazy and only offered a new food every 3-4 days. However, food allergies aren’t typically an issue in our family, so you can bet I will not worry about it nearly as much with the second baby. Even so, I do believe it’s better to be careful about the types of food you introduce in the beginning just because Baby’s digestive system is still developing.

Using the information provided on Wholesome Baby Food’s chart, I created my own chart (I find it easier to read it by age rather than food type). If your family does have a history of food allergies, it’s probably a good idea to keep track of any reactions your child might have to certain foods. Here you can find my baby food chart.

Consider having your child taste the new food alone before you mix it with anything. It was really important to me that J smelled, touched and tasted the food by itself. If he didn’t like it, I kept offering it anyway. More times than not, after offering it a few times, he ate it. And for the few times he didn’t develop a taste for a particular food, I could easily get him to eat it in combination with another food.

Once you’ve introduced a food to your child, don’t hesitate to experiment with mixing purees. You can make fruit and veggie purees to put into cereals, you can mix different fruits together and you can even make vegetable and fruit combinations (which can come in handy during the picky toddler years). It’s really fun to experiment with the combinations. I’ll post some of my favorite recipes in the near future.

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  1. I love making baby food – looking forward to the recipes!

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