Lesson 68: Parenthood will make you cry

Or is that just me?

Since having a baby, I’ve noticed that I’m much more sentimental. I’ve always been a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to emotions (I like to call it being passionate… Other people tend to call it stubborn, having a short fuse, or being overly emotional. Whatever.), but parenthood has greatly increased the chance that I will cry.

Sappy commercial? Tears.

J outgrew his 18-month clothes? Tears.

News story about something terrible happening to a child? Tears.

His haircut makes him look like a little boy? Tears.

A song about how quickly time goes by? Tears.

I work in a school. Moms frequently cry during conferences when they are worried about their children. Post-baby, I’m very likely to cry right along with them.

It’s not that I sit around and cry all day, but my eyes spend a great deal of time being watery. At first I blamed it on hormones that were still in need of balancing. Two-years post-baby, I realize that it’s just being a mom. Everything is sweeter now, and the little things are so much more meaningful. The tears that frequent my eyes are rarely sad tears–they’re usually joyful tears, or empathetic tears. And they’re almost always tears that are caused by this enormous amount of love that I never knew I had in me.

I warn you now, if you’re a parent, the following video has a high likelihood of causing a serious case of the sniffles. But I have to share it for two reasons: 1. The growing advertising agency where my husband used to works created it and I am very proud of them. Good things come in small packages. 2. It’s beautiful. The message is just really beautiful.

If you’re an expecting parent, watch it now, but then watch it again after Baby arrives. I promise, there will be a difference in how you see it later. I expect there will be a difference to me when my child is 6, then 10, then 24.

So grab a few tissues, sit back, and smile.

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