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Lesson 7: You get to buy a new wardrobe! Kinda…

I wasn’t sure when I was supposed to shop for and start wearing maternity clothes. But I had heard from some of my girlfriends that they just woke up one more morning and had a baby belly, where one had not been the night before. So I was a little afraid to wake up one morning with no pants that fit and then have to call in fat to work, know what I mean?

Like I mentioned before, I put on 4 pounds really quickly, but then my weight gain slowed down from there. However, even though the numbers on the scale weren’t increasing, my pants very quickly no longer fit me correctly. I learned to use a ponytail rubberband, to loop it around the button on my jeans, and then through the buttonhole, thereby giving me a little extra wiggle room. I was able to do that easily throughout the first trimester, but by the time the second trimester rolled around, it was definitely time for some stretchy pants.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on clothes that I would only wear for about 6 months, and I figured I wouldn’t need much anyway: just a couple of pairs of pants I could rotate and a few tops. I could, surely, continue to wear my old sweaters and jackets. So with that in mind, I made my first shopping trip to Motherhood Maternity.

I was surprised to find that they had some really cute clothes, stylish and fun. Being pregnant didn’t mean I had to dress in a tint, so that was good. And I probably would have purchased way more than I intended on that first shopping trip if the sales lady had been less annoying. Look, I don’t typically shop with friends because I don’t like to socialize while I shop. I like to get in and get out. Wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, as it were. So I nodded politely at the sales lady while trying to send her subtle messages to leave me alone, made a few purchases, and headed home.

I quickly realized that being pregnant meant feeling fat. And just like when a girl isn’t pregnant and is having a fat day, a pretty new outfit will cure that right up. So, back to Motherhood Maternity I would trek on those “fat days.”

It soon became glaringly obvious that the sales people at Motherhood Maternity are trained to annoy the hell out of their customers. I’m assuming the premise behind all the questions is that women love to talk about pregnancy and babies. So I’m guessing they’re trained to show interest in their customers by asking them all kinds of personal (i.e., none of your damn business) questions about their pregnancies and their future plans for Baby. After they’re quite finished exhausting you with conversation, they decide it’s time to become really pushy. You must have this and you must have that. No lady, I musn’t, but you must get out of my frigging face. It was like that every time I shopped there, and more than once I had to tell whoever was working that day that I would prefer to be left alone while I shopped. On one particular occasion, after telling one of the ladies multiple times that I preferred to browse on my own, I finally had to turn around and tell her very clearly to stop following me around the store (side note: when you’re pregnant, you can say anything you want as long as you rub your belly while doing so).

So if anybody from Motherhood Maternity is reading this? It’s not just me. See here, here, here and here. And that was just a 10 second Google search. Back. Off.

But regardless of their annoying sales tactics, Motherhood Maternity has cute styles, great prices, and plenty of sales. I’ll go back there the next time I’m pregnant—but I may have to get a restraining order.

Overall, shopping for maternity clothes was fun and easy. I had a bit of a hard time finding the right pair of jeans, but what’s new about that, really? The clothes weren’t really the problem. The shoes were the problem…

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  1. Completely with you on this! They don’t leave you alone.

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