Lesson 70: Give peace a chance

Consider whether or not you want your child to continue using a pacifier (if she uses one). Many pediatricians suggest getting rid of the pacifier between 1-year and 18-months. Studies suggest that the use of a pacifier can interfere with speech development, increase the occurrence of ear infections, and cause dental issues.

My own personal research suggests that removing the pacifier will cause much screaming and a lack of sleep for all.

Conclusion? Removing the pacifier from my son’s life isn’t even on my radar right now. He only takes it to sleep, and on the very rare occasion when he’s super cranky or not feeling good. When he takes it to sleep, it falls out of his mouth as soon as he’s asleep.

Plus? Let’s just look at the word pacifier. To pacify is to give peace, and who am I to interfere with that? Let’s give peace a chance, you guys.

I have no idea when we’ll take away the pacifier, but today ain’t the day, folks.

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