Lesson 73: Fool them while you still can

There will come a point when your sweet, agreeable baby becomes a toddler. When that happens, don’t be surprised if she decides that she doesn’t like carrots. Or squash. Or spinach. In fact, maybe she only likes white bread and goldfish.

For us, this only happens for a few days at a time each month. James will eat whatever I serve him like a champ for several days. Then one day he’ll be all, “Oh hell no, I don’t think so, woman. Break out the Gerber veggie straws or I’m not eating.”

And like me, you may be tempted to just let the hunger strike persist. You’re hungry? Well by God you’ll eat what I serve you, or you want eat at all.

Yeah, that doesn’t work with a young toddler. They’re just old enough to start wanting to make their own decisions, but not quite old enough to fully understand the consequences. The one time I drew a hard line and refused to serve him straight carbohydrates for dinner, he woke up at midnight screaming to eat. So I fed him. I wasn’t ready to let my 16-month-old go hungry overnight (plus I wanted to sleep…).

There will come a point in his young life when Mama shuts down the restaurant. I cook one meal, you eat it. Or you don’t. Whatever. But this is your last chance until breakfast.

But I do want to make sure he gets as many veggies in his tummy as possible. So for now, I sneak in veggies where I can. He’s none the wiser and I love knowing he just ate a full serving of spinach without yelling at me. In my next post I’ll share some of the ways this has worked for us.

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