Lesson 80: Don’t smirk at other parents

Here’s something I’ve never admitted out loud before: Whenever I saw any of my friends post pictures on social media of walls or furniture their child had drawn on, I often thought, How hard is it to not let your kid draw on the walls? Just keep the markers put away, or watch him when he has the crayons.

You’d think that after I discovered how quickly J could devour a crayon or a piece of chalk, I might stop smirking so much.

But no, I still didn’t learn.

Preventing one’s child from coloring on the walls seemed easy enough. I smirked inside, even after I already had a kid and really should have known better.

And then this happened:

And that was after he had already drawn on the television screen. And another wall. So on the third time, I still hadn’t learned. And I’m betting it will happen again and again because I don’t learn my lessons on these things. It’s too easy for me to forget that I gave him those crayons, or leave one laying around, or get distracted while he’s coloring.

No, I still haven’t learned to not allow my child access to crayons, chalk, or markers when I’m not watching. But I have learned how stupid I was to smirk about it happening to others.





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