Lesson 87: Time management is a thing of the past

Dear S & B,

I wrote a little note for J every month. I told him all that he was up to at the time–his likes, dislikes, how he’d grown. With you guys, I snap a picture. That’s it. I’m keeping up with your big milestones, but I couldn’t tell you all of your likes and dislikes at 4 months. I love all the things you do, and I’m home with you guys so I’m not missing a minute of it. But I’m not writing it down every time you fart. #sorrynotsorry

This is my attempt at catching you up on the first 6 months of your life. It’s been quite busy around here! One or both of you is typically demanding something of me–or if not you, your big brother. So I find myself always moving at a fast pace, even when I don’t have to, just because it’s now become habit. I walk fast, eat fast, speak fast(er). It’s always rush, rush, rush around here to get things done while you guys are both quiet. Because the moments when you’re both quiet or occupied at the same time are few and far between.

We brought you home to the cutest nursery…

…and never use it.

You guys spend a lot of time just laying around. Lazy is what you are.

But we make you get out of the house every now and then. When we’re feeling brave.

You’re both super cute and I love the hilarious baby poses you like to give.


Most of your time is spent on my boobs and sleeping. You’re kinda boring, if I’m being really honest.

We did have you Baptized this month, but it’s possible that I forgot to take pictures of you in your sweet gowns.

Can we pretend this is your actual Baptism? Because I have a great shot of this…

So to sum up month 1: You were born. You ate and slept a lot. You were Baptized. Your mommy and daddy celebrated daily for keeping 3 children alive (Rock n Play for the win!).

And then you turned 1 month old…

…and not much changed.

You took your first trip to the zoo and didn’t see a darn thing.

You also went on your first trip to the beach.

We brought all the things with us. All of them.

You went on your first hike. Your daddy and I look badass here, taking 1-month-old twins on a hike. Don’t be fooled–it hasn’t happened again.

Most of our time was spent sitting right here on this couch, just trying to survive and keep you guys alive. The days are long…

…but the years are incredibly short. Before I knew it, you were 2 months old.

Not a lot changed, really. You still spend most of your time eating, sleeping, and pooping. But you were awake more often and starting to become real little humans.

I took you guys shopping by myself for the first time and I considered that to be a real victory!

It’s the little things, right S?

We discovered these awesome Fisher Price sit-me-up chairs and wished they would have been around when J was a baby. We lovingly refer to them as the “shit-me-up chairs,” because it never fails…

The month flew by…


..and then you were 3 months!

Look at the change, guys!! You smile! Now that we’ve turned the corner, I can say that I’m not really fond of the newborn stage. I had forgotten that. I love a squishy newborn, but they’re so repetitive! I like it now that you guys are mixing it up a little.

You celebrated your first 4th of July, and looked adorable doing it.

You went to your first night club…

My sweet, beautiful boys,

I blinked. And then you were 4 months old…

…and as cute as ever! Just look at those personalities!

You guys definitely still preferred the boob…

…but you did try food this month, right before you turned 5 months old.

S, you were an immediate fan!

B, you couldn’t care less about carrots.

My little boob snob.

4 months was so fun, and 5 months got here fast!

S, you fight your naps like nobody’s business! You just want to see everything and clearly hate the thought of missing out on a single moment of life. Then you end up passing out wherever you are.

My little party animal.

B, you love your sleep. I can always count on you to give me a good nap. You only cry when you’re hungry or tired, so it’s pretty easy to know what you want! And when you decide it’s nap time, you’ll just go ahead and take it where you can get it.

You guys took your second trip to the beach this month. We’ve considered moving to Florida because you guys sleep so well there. Seriously, do all the moms in Florida have sleeping babies all the time?

S, you started sitting first. You still need a bit of assistance and will topple over if left to your own devices for too long, but you’re getting the hang of this!

B, like most things, you just don’t care. You’ll do it when you’re ready–and you’ll smile the whole time. I’ve never seen a happier baby!

See? In your own time.

You boys love being outside! It’s been so hot, but cooler temperatures are arriving, so we’re taking advantage.

You get to watch your big brother play baseball, and that’s always so fun! We’ll be watching you guys play before we know it.

We went to Chick-fil-A with some friends this month and it was a complete disaster. S, you pooped all over your daddy. Then while he was cleaning you up, B pooped everywhere. We didn’t have spare outfits in your bag, so what we had was 2 naked babies. B, you started screaming at the top of your lungs. I thought you must be hungry, so I tried to nurse you. We don’t use a cover anymore, you and I, because you decided you don’t like it. You rip that thing right off, or scream your pretty little head off the entire time you’re under there. I get it–it’s hot! And I’ve set my modesty aside to just go ahead and feed you when you’re hungry. It’s just a boob, right? Well the stunt you pulled that day son, uncool. You screamed and thrashed all over the place so that by the time we were done, I’m fairly certain that every person in CFA saw my left boob. All I could do was sit in the corner of the booth, trying to use a thrashing baby to cover my boob, and laugh until I almost pee’d myself.

S, this is you looking awfully proud of yourself after pooping everywhere.

The best part of this month has been that you’ve truly discovered each other! It’s so fun watching you hold hands and play with one another.

And now, here we are at 6 months. 6 months! How did that even happen?

We celebrated your 1/2 birthday with little petit fours. I would have never given J sugar before his first birthday. Never. But with you guys I’m just like, “here! Eat this!”

As usual, S is happy to oblige, while B wants nothing to do with it.

Happy Half Birthday, my tiny loves.

I love you BIG.

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