Lesson 94: Start ’em young

Last night I posted this picture on Facebook:

I commented that after dinner J got up, went into the kitchen, and started washing the dishes. We didn’t ask him to do it, he just did it. And while he was washing, he told us that this was now his job. He said, “I’m going to start washing the dishes every night!”

You guys, my job is done here. I’ve completed my mission: raise a good husband. You’re welcome, future in-law.

The comments on the post praised me, wondering what I’d done to raise such a great kid. They asked me to share my words of wisdom.

Well, brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, because I’m about to give you my secret: We got really lucky. Seriously. We’re mediocre parents, at best.

When I’m bragging on my child, it’s not a humble brag. I’m literally bragging on my child. I am so proud of him! He has the kindest heart, he’s funny, he’s pretty damn smart (I’ll go ahead and take credit for that one), he’s an amazing big brother, he’s helpful, he’s loving and affectionate. We do our best, we fail him a lot, and he keeps showing us his grace. The child is blessed with an infinite amount of grace.

But if I can give you just one tip, it’s this: Start them young. Don’t wait! Time’s a wasting, folks! Get those babies cleaning early.




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