Lesson 95: You don’t always have to intervene

S tends to be the muscle of the twins. He weighs more, he’s further along in physical development, and he’s faster. He’s also not afraid to go after what he wants. B is pretty easy going, so it tends to set the stage for S to take whatever he wants, while B just moves on and finds something else to play with.

Both boys have recently learned to clap, but B mastered it first. It was the first thing he ever did before S, so I was really happy for him–it’s the little things, right? I cheer for him, and this tickles him, making him clap even more. S, not being one to be left behind, finally started copying B when he saw how much attention it was getting him. They both copy each other now and it’s really cute to see them clap together.

Enter the little green P.

B loves his P. It was a gift from his Occupational Therapist to help him learn to move his tongue around properly as he chews. He mostly prefers to bounce it across the floor and chase after it, but whatever.

This afternoon when he was bouncing it, it landed closer to S. Both babies looked at each other and I could see the silent challenge between the two. They both crawled madly toward the P and who do you think got to it first? S, of course. He had the home field advantage. B immediately started whining and I said, “Well take it back, B!”

But B knows his brother is stronger than he is. He’s tried to take toys back before and it doesn’t usually end well for him. So I watched in amusement as he stared at S for a few seconds and then started clapping his hands together.

And guess what S did? He dropped the P and started to clap. B quickly grabbed the P, grinned, and crawled away. That baby is no fool.

I witnessed this occur not once, but twice today. He may not have the brawn, but little dude has the brains.

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