Smart Ways to Save Money on Amazon

I’ve always been a bargain hunter; I admit to getting a little high when I find a great deal. But since I decided to stay at home with my kids while they’re little, it’s become a matter of necessity to budget. Not only have I managed to cut our grocery bill by more than 50% by planning our meals around sales, stacking multiple coupons on sale items, shopping discount stores, and making more of my own stuff (find a few of my favorites here, here, and here), but I’ve also learned how to find great deals for items for the kids and other household necessities by watching for price drops and stacking coupons on other deals over at Amazon.

I love sharing the deals I find! It allows me to shop vicariously, which is great, but I also genuinely love to help people find good deals! You can join my Facebook group here and follow my page here if you want to see what I share. But I also want to give you some tools to help you find specific deals you may be searching for.

Get yourself a Prime membership if you haven’t already.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking to save money by using Amazon, I am making the assumption that you are a Prime member. If you’re not, you’re really not going to be able to take full advantage of these deals. The free 2-day shipping alone makes up for the cost of the membership if you do a lot of your purchasing online. But a Prime membership also offers early access to Lightning Deals, free video and music streaming, free photo storage, access to Prime Rewards (get 5% cash back with the Amazon Prime Visa or 2% back using your debit card), Subscribe & Save discounts with a free membership to Amazon Family (get 20% off diapers!!), and lots more.

Learn how to take advantage of the subscribe & save feature.

Once you’re a Prime member, check out my Subscribe & Save tutorial. It may seem a little daunting in the beginning, but once you have an understanding of how you can stack the coupons and discounts each month without committing to a monthly delivery, it’s very easy.

Know when and where to find the best deals.

Amazon offers daily deals with their Deal of the Day and Lightning Deal programs. But it’s important to note that, just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. I’ve especially noticed this to be true with Lightning Deals. Many prices are incredibly over-inflated prior to the sale, so make sure to compare prices before buying. I like to use Honey to view recent pricing trends (and I also find coupon codes and deals for other stores there too, so it’s worth a look!). Also, make sure to check the product reviews, make sure the reviews are natural, and check the seller reviews if it’s a third party seller.

Always check out Amazon Warehouse deals and Third Party prices before making a purchase.

Warehouse Deals are a great way to get deep discounts on refurbished or open box items. I’ve purchased here several times and never received a bad product. You can also find 3rd party prices on item listings and they’re often less than the original price. In this case, just check the condition of the item, check the seller reviews, and take note of the additional shipping costs.

Check for Coupons.

Just like when you’re shopping, make sure to use coupons when they’re available. Amazon offers lots of coupon deals and they have them divided up into easy to search categories. They’re also usually available on the individual listings, so just don’t forget to claim them!

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