Summertime Kind of Carefree

When we announced that we were having twins, some people who love me, and who I love, expressed some concern for how I might handle the chaos.

Those who know me well know that I like things to be predictable and orderly. They’re not wrong about that. But it hurt my feelings that they doubted my ability to bend. Because what I know about me is that I have a damn lot of grit and I wanted more than anything to embrace the chaos that is children…even if that chaos makes me want to vacuum a little more often.

Now that I’m more than 1 year into this whole Mom of Three thing, I can unequivocally say that the best thing about having twins, or maybe even just having more than one kid, is realizing that I don’t know all the things I thought I knew about this mom thing. And, surprisingly, this makes me feel like maybe I’m getting it right.

I was much more tightly wound when I had just one kid to focus on. And he’s turned out okay. So far…

My kids are happy and alive. What else can I really hope for? I mean, besides college scholarships?

My new Mom Goal is to be the Summertime kind of Carefree more often than not. What’s your Mom Goal?

Photo images credited to Whitney C. Photography.


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