The Tiger’s Trunk

Over the summer I became good friends with my sweet neighbor. We had waved at each other from time to time, but didn’t really know each other. But she amazed me when my twins were born! She brought us dinner, showed me how to wrap the babies using a moby wrap, took my oldest child over to her house to play, babysat my babies (!!!), and had some quality girl time with me. It’s amazing how near strangers can become friends so quickly!

Recently, we decided to combine her Facebook business with my Etsy business. Over a bottle (okay, 2 bottles) of wine, we re-branded both businesses to make one, finalized the details, and combined our products. We each bring different talents to the table–and it’s more fun together!

We’ll be offering a themed shirt each month for a bulk price discount. Of course right now, we’re doing adorable pumpkins!

Check out what else we’re doing! This is my personal favorite:

The models are darned cute too!





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