Tonight’s adventure with BLW: Apples!

We tried whole apples tonight and it was….interesting. They’ve had cooked apples before, so they were soft and easy for them to negotiate. But whole, hard, large apples were a tough new experiment for them. I took bites all around their apples so they could have a place to grip, and a place to bite.

I’ve mentioned before that we can’t keep S’s plate full enough or get food to him fast enough. Well, it was the same with the apple. He has 2 bottom teeth that have just barely broken through the gums. He’s a determined little guy and was able to hold the apple and gnaw on it, but it made him angry that he couldn’t bite off large pieces.

B has no teeth whatsoever. He’s also more calm and patient than his brother. It didn’t seem to bother him that he was struggling to hold the apple. He just brought his mouth down to eat it directly off the tray. He couldn’t get bites off, but he was able to suck out the juice.

Overall, it was a more positive experience for B than S, even though he wasn’t able to eat as much. We’ll definitely try this again soon!


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